Navigating Foxsy


If you haven’t registered for Foxsy, your home page will be Foxsy's home page. 

If you are registered for Foxsy, your home page will be the Course Library.

From the home page, you can access the Course Library, the Help page, the Pricing page, and your Student Dashboard.


The Courses page is the Course Library, where every Foxsy course is listed. 


The Support Page is where you can reach our support team with technical issues, bugs, or other problems experienced while on Foxsy. To learn more about contacting support, check out this article on Contacting Support.

The Foxsy team can also be reached by emailing with any messages, suggestions, or questions that don’t fall under the ‘Customer Support’ umbrella.


The Pricing page is where to go for all Membership related inquiries. On this page, you will find the membership options, reviews, FAQs, and other feature highlights.


The Student Dashboard is your hub for all of your courses. For more information regarding the Dashboard, check out this article on Navigating The Student Dashboard.

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