What courses can I enroll in?

Once you are a Foxsy member, you will have access to all of the courses available on our website, including:

Access To The Full Course Library

Every Foxsy course is available in the Course Library and can be seen by selecting the category of your interest. You can also view thumbnails, along with the course details, of various courses and projects by scrolling through the page. Once enrolled in a course, you can get started with the lessons, quizzes, and projects! You’ll also get access to a Q&A function to ask questions on lesson pages and receive answers.

Access To The Watercolor Academy

This 12-week academy is separated into 4 sections, with each section lasting 3 weeks. This course starts with the basics of watercolor and guides you through essential techniques to help you grow in your skills while you complete lessons, quizzes, and projects with personalized feedback.

Access To All Future Courses and Academies

Right now, Foxsy is working on building the best collection of online courses around, so you have everything you need to learn the new skills you’ve been putting off (or help you dust off some old skills). As more courses and academies are developed, you will have access to anything new that comes along with your membership.

Access To Member-Exclusive Live Classes

With a Foxsy membership, you can join monthly, virtual live classes with our instructors. Don't worry if you miss one of these live events! Live class replays are available on-demand for you to watch on your own time.

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