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If you haven’t signed up for a membership with Foxsy, your home page will be Foxsy's home page. 

If you already have a membership with Foxsy, your home page will be the Course Library.

From either home page, you can access the Course Library, the Watercolor Academy's home page, Creative Support, information about upcoming Live Classes, the Help page, and your profile where you can view your account details and billing information.

Course Library

On this page, you will find every available Foxsy course listed so you can view your options and select the courses that best fit you! For more information about using the Course Library, click here: Course Library Navigation

Watercolor Academy

Here you can explore everything the Watercolor Academy offers by scrolling through the page. This is also where you can enroll yourself by scrolling to the top of the page. For more information about the Watercolor Academy click here: What is the Watercolor Academy?

Creative Support

The Creative Support Page is where you can reach the Foxsy Creative Pros with questions regarding your courses or topics like Watercolor, Hand Lettering, Creative Journaling, and Digital Art (beta). To learn more about the creative support offered, use the links below:

Live Classes

Visit the Live Classes page to view upcoming classes available for registration and join monthly, virtual live classes with our instructors. Don't worry if you miss one of these live events! Live class replays are available on-demand for you to watch on your own time.


Here you can search for answers to specific questions you may have regarding Foxsy's site, the courses, your membership, billing, and more!

Your Foxsy Profile

By selecting your name at the top-right of the home page, you can view your profile in order to access and edit your account details and billing information.

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